By checking the Amazon and GoDaddy databases for the hiddenplane server information, key pieces on information were found:

1. Name and Cryptic Message

A name: Roland Luoma. This name corresponds to a twitter account that can be found here:   

Various cryptic and coded tweets can be found on this profile. Simple cyphers usually decode the true words.
On twitter Roland Luoma is following two people, one is BBC news and one is a self published author of mystery novels called RP Dahlke, whose website is here

2. Email Account and Google+ Account

An email:

When trying to recover the password of this google account, it is revealed that the name it is registered with is Malcolm Reynolds, which is possibly a firefly reference/clue. Malcolm reynolds also corresponds to an earlier Roland Luoma tweet : 
"I have a friend. His name is #MalcolmReynolds"
Checking's  (aka Malcolm Reynold's) google plus account reveals a shared youtube video, Return to Innocence by Enigma. It is unknown if this google plus account, or the video are relevant at all, or if they are simply disinfo designed to throw the solvers off.

3. An Address

562 Boundary street, Jacksonville Florida. Postcode: 32216

On 4chan's /x/ board, an anonymous poster stated:
"To further add to the mystery there is no boundary street in jacksonville, nor is there one anywhere in florida. HOWEVER, Florida avenue in DC was once called boundary street, could be nothing or it could be something."
Furthermore, the address on florida avenue roughly corresponds to the site of the Cardozo Education Campus. Interestingly, the first day for students at this school begins on the day the countdown timer on ends. It is unknown if this is a clue or simply a coincidence, or if the address is relevant at all.
Nothing has come from the postcode number

4. Phone Number


A number of people have called this line, however they all report hitting a simple voicemail system. Once again, it is unknown how relevant this number is.